Dev Diary 2nd April 2016

Dev Diary: 2nd April 2016
It’s been a while since our last update, but we’ve spent the last few weeks here at Valiant busily preparing for our first new content update. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to:

New Features

  • Introducing Gyrodisc’s third playable character: Ivar Vidarsson!
  • A long time veteran player and ex Gyrodisc champion, Ivar certainly hasn’t let his more advanced age interfere with his workout routine!
  • Ivar is our muscle character, who focuses on overwhelming his opponents with big powerful shots. He’s a bit slower than John and Jess though, so watch out for those sneaky overhead lobs.
  • Concept design, modelling, texturing and rigging for version 1 of Ivar is complete and in game ready to go.
  • He’s currently undergoing his first gameplay tuning pass before releasing him into the wild in our next content update.


  • Work is well underway on our first mini-game, inspired by arcade classics like breakout. We’ll have more details on the game itself in the coming weeks.
  • We’ve created some interim menus to allow launching and choosing characters for games with different numbers of teams.
  • We’ve restructured a bunch of our system level code so it can handle launching different types of matches, with different numbers of teams and custom rules, this will serve us well when putting together future mini-game types.
  • Animation Improvements

  • We’ve replaced the placeholder catch, hold and throw animations with more dynamic full body anims.
  • We’ve added character specific idle and dive animations for John and Jess, to better reflect their different tunings and start giving a bit more unique personality to their movement.

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