Dev Diary: Skynet Rises

Spring has sprung, and here in Edinburgh that means sunshine and hail storms. Oh well. New this week: AI, doubles and Reddit!

Our contribution to the technological singularity began this week. We now have a first pass of AI that is capable of intercepting the disc and throwing it back. They also attempt to keep themselves in a strong defensive position at the centre of the court. In doubles, they are able to co-operate with a player or each other, covering parts of the court that their partners cannot reach. They do not use the dash to reach the disc, but they are so accurate in their catching placement it’s not necessary. This, coupled with the fact they are not very good at aggressive aiming, means that all-AI rallies last a long time. See the video above for an example.

Also on display for the first time in the above video: doubles! Following the current trend for competitive same-room games, we wanted to make sure the game is fun for four simultaneous players. Turns out it is!

Finally this week we implemented the Rewired unity plugin to manage player inputs and took our game play footage to Reddit for some feedback. Thanks to the users from /r/Unity3D for their particularly enthusiastic responses, hope to update those guys again soon!

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Introducing: Gyrodisc Super League©!

We’re proud to announce our first project, Gyrodisc Super League©! A futuristic arcade sports game with influences from pong, football, tennis and volleyball.

The video above is a full singles match taken from our current prototype. It is a very early build, but it demonstrates our progress so far. It also demonstrates how embarrassing it is to get wrecked at your own game.

In Gyrodisc Super League©, players are tasked with winning a match of the fictional sport, Gyrodisc. A Gyrodisc court is split in half like a tennis court, is walled like a squash court and has two goals like a football pitch. Each team is trying to bounce the Gyrodisc into the goal of the opposing team. The scoring system is similar to tennis, with teams winning games, sets and matches.

Gyrodisc is a great first project for our team. It’s light, accessible and easily scalable, allowing us to add more characters, arenas and gameplay modes to match public interest. But most importantly, it’s already fun. Not only does this allow us the advantage of being able to demo it to members of the public for feedback, it creates a great working atmosphere amongst the team. Even at this early stage in-house matches are fast-paced and brutal, often ending in “debates about game design and balance” (read: “childish bickering”).

We are currently in a prototype phase, exploring what makes the game fun and testing the waters regarding character balance and special moves. Once we fix some of the more prominent bugs (I maintain I lost due to some of the more interesting “techniques”) we will have a strong framework on which to build towards our first goal: releasing a public demo.

We look forward to posting regular development updates as as well as articles on game design, character concepts and our experiences making Gyrodisc Super League©.

Let’s hope I learn to play the damn thing.

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About Valiant Interactive

Temp LogoValiant Interactive Limited is a games start-up founded in 2015 and based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our aim is to create high-quality game-play experiences that look and feel great.

We are currently developing our first project; a competitive multi-player game in the Unity3D engine for PC and home consoles.

If you join us, you will work with a team of skilled game developers with 10 years of combined games industry experience in companies such as Rockstar North and One Thumb Mobile.

Contact us to apply, or for more information

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