The Towelman gets a bit disoriented, to the crowd's amusement.

Dev Diary: Lobs your uncle

No, wait, a bang up lob! Don’t give up the day lob! Uh, lobbing for apples? This week: lobs, particles and gameplay cameras!


We’ve added a bit of energy to the prototype this week, exploring what can be done with particle effects and a dynamic gameplay camera. The disc now sparks off the walls of the arena, causing the camera to shudder based on the strength of the blow. Players fill up with energy when charging a super throw, and the camera bounces around the arena attempting to keep up with the action.


The new visual effects are not just for aesthetics! We found that players were struggling to catch the disc when it had been lobbed into the air. To solve that, we’ve added a catch indicator. The indicator rotates on the ground at the point that the disc will end it’s arc. When the player is in position to catch the disc, it turns white and the player hears an audible *ping*. They can then prepare to smash the disc back into their lob-happy opponent’s face.

Speaking of lob-happy, the AI can now throw and react to lobs. So they have another tool in their malevolent arsenal. Great.

See you next week!

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