Dev Diary: A Wild Artist Appears!

Finally, our game will be as pretty as we are. This week: resizing, special moves and an artist!

The week started with some reworking of our current game. We were getting a peculiar optical illusion with our court looking normal from above, but too small and thin once the camera was down at player height. We realised that the stock player assets we are using to prototype are incredibly thin and tall, making the court appear larger from above. Fixing this not only required us to scale the court, but also all the values for player run speed, disc speed, player collision etc. We took this opportunity to add in some temporary background assets, namely the blue skybox by G.E.TeamDev and the baseball stadium by Bunt Games.


Players can now throw super throws! At any point that they are not holding the disc, holding down the throw button locks the player in place and begins charging a super. If the player catches the disc once fully charged, they can release the button for a powerful super throw. Each character’s super throw will be unique, but for now for every character the disc trails blue fire and zig zags across the court.


Anthony Devlin has joined the team as an artist! He’s currently working on concept art and figuring out our export pipeline. He has also modeled the generic looking fellow above who we’ll stretch and morph to work out character proportions.

See you next week!

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