Dev Diary: General Concept

Turns out there’s a lot of ways to draw a Gyrodisc.  This week: concept art, decisive AI and combos!


This week has seen a sizeable body of concept art produced. We’ve been thrashing out ideas regarding stadiums, characters, Gyrodisc equipment as well as the Gyrodisc itself.


We’ve also been spending some time developing our art pipeline. All our characters now use variations of the generic model seen last week and the disc model has been replaced with a model based on some of the concept art above.

AI have a more complex decision process that weighs the different throw types based on the current situation in the match. Whilst this doesn’t create an especially noticeable difference in AI that are trying to play perfectly, it will be instrumental in creating different difficulty levels by making the AI less effective at making decisions.


We have added a new gameplay dynamic- combos! When a player throws a disc, the speed is determined by how long the player has held the disc (less holding time = more speed). The disc gets an extra speed boost if the player throws it within a third of a second, signified by the disc trail turning blue and a sound effect. Players are able to chain these speed boosts together seven times resulting in the disc turning blinding white and becoming uncontrollably fast. The AI are especially good at maintaining and aiming these combos. Typical.

See you next week!

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