Dev Diary: Change it Up!

They complained, and we listened. This week: gameplay changes and a new ruleset!


This week we largely reacted to our playtest from last week. Our new simplified scoring system is in, and we’re already seeing results with players rapidly bouncing from match to match as opposed to slogging it out for quarter of an hour. We also implemented some placeholder camera cuts when winning a round or match to give the player some feedback.


We also added some extra moves for the player. They can now shuffle or strafe where they were previously locked in place (when holding the disc, charging, waiting for serve and spiking). Diving into another player now stuns them as well, creating some petty squabbles during doubles matches. Players also turn to face the direction they are about to throw the disc.

The super throw can now be aimed. Pointing the stick away from the opponent causes the zig zag to have a much wider path, while point towards the opponent causes it to change direction rapidly.


We’ve also replaced all our old asset store models with temp stand-ins we’ve made ourselves. So long, grubby grass floor! You’ll always be remembered.

See you next week!

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