Dev Diary: Choose a Side!

The solstice has passed, and summer is well and truly here! Are we out in the sun getting a sweet tan? Of course not! There’s Gyrodisc to be made. This week: side selection, loading screens and a title sequence!


We implemented a first pass of our side selection screen this week. The goal is to create an easy interface for the players to create combinations of players and AI for the next match. Players can set the game as singles or doubles, move freely between the two teams (so long as there is room) and change their starting position within the teams. AI fill in the gaps to make sure there are always two characters in a singles game and four in doubles.

Our loading screens are now implemented, so our game no longer lurches from scene to scene! As part of setting the game up with our new loading screens, we took the time to implement our title sequence. Taking influence from 90’s titles like Power Stone, Tekken and Fighting Vipers 2, we’ve planned out a sequence that makes the game feel like an arcade port. It starts on the game title screen (game name, press start to play etc.) for thirty seconds then moves onto a intro cinematic (which we don’t have yet, so we had to use the placeholder video of – sigh – Leekspin. Thanks Jenny.) We then return to the title screen for a further thirty seconds then move onto a real-time match between two AI. In the final game, we’ll have leaderboards that scroll over this gameplay. So we’re hamming up the nostalgia pretty hard.

See you next week!

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