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“The hills shake and crumble. The rivers run red. The seas dry up. Only salt remains. Who will survive?”

Armagedinburgh is nigh- how can us mere mortals prepare for such carnage? With constant bug fixing and five back-up HDMI cables, of course!

Armagedinburgh is being hosted by Rushdown Edinburgh (Edinburgh’s fighting game community) this Saturday (25th July) at Novotel Edinburgh. It is Edinburgh’s largest fighting game event, with three main tournaments (Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat X and Super Smash Bros WiiU) as well as a host of casual and multiplayer games. We’re very excited to have a place in the Indie Showcase- Gyrodisc Super League is entirely suited to Rushdown Edinburgh’s competitive community. Who better to put the game through it’s paces than Scotland’s fighting game elite?


We don’t face the end of days alone! Rushdown have gathered a lot of local talent, including the terrifying Monstrum by Team Junkfish and ultra-competitive Advance by Catbell Games. I’ve also heard a fair bit about the mysterious Rope Rumble by JGA- let’s just say, if you’re a fan of flying famous mayors, this game is for you.

And saving the best news for last – our screen will be located near the bar. Where better to watch it all end?

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