Rushdown Team

Thank you, Rushdown Edinburgh!

Look at those faces! That’s the hard-working Rushdown Edinburgh team! Armagedinburgh was a huge success, with all the fervour, salt and hype you’d expect from a well-run fighting game tournament. I was tempted to unleash my El Fuerte in the Street Fighter 4 tournament, but wisely stayed out of it- I don’t think I could’ve taken a beating of that magnitude.

Street Fighter 5- that’ll be when I rule supreme. Definitely.

Above is a video of our demo from Armagedinburgh. I return to my winning ways as the handsome mustachioed blue man on the right. My hubris is almost thrown back in my face but I dug deep and secured a win everyone can be proud of.

The Armagedinburgh crowd were particularly delighted with our celebration state – notice my smug airplaning around whenever I win anything. In this state, players can hold buttons to express themselves through a variety of animations. Players seem to delight in finding the most obnoxious way to celebrate their victories- my favourite was watching someone make John rapidly flap his arms up and down like a demented puppet whilst intensely looking into the camera.

We’re already responding to the feedback we received. We’re looking into more visceral reactions for goal scoring, better communication of the score (specifically, how the different goal types give different amounts of points) and tweaking gameplay to help balance the game.

Also, don’t tell anyone, but a few bugs we’d never seen before may have surfaced. Shhhh, it’s fine now, it’s fine now.

Thanks again to Rushdown Edinburgh. We’ll be letting you all know where you can next play Gyrodisc Super League very soon!

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