Dev Diary: 6th October 2015

New Features

  • New Logo
    • Final badge image selected. A orange/yellow disc flying in from a blue background.
    • Final text selected. Modern but clear orange text for the “Gyrodisc”, retro 90’s side text for the “Super League”.
  • Greenlight
    • Links to Greenlight page added to demo build for easy access.
    • Demo build created and published onto itch.io and IndieDB.
    • Build version numbering system added to keep track of updates.
    • Trailer footage recorded and edited.
  • New title music added for Title Screen and Main Menu. Evokes an American TV sports coverage tone.
  • Score boost element has been separated out to be used in custom court formations. When the disc passes through the score boost, the disc is worth +1 point if the player scores.


  • We discussed new court formations to being work on. We particularly came up with designs that will break the game in it’s current build – particular fear was caused by proposing a circular court shape- the disc has only ever had to bounce off of straight walls until now.
  • We also discussed ideas for new supers, ranging from a standard “straight line, really fast, pushes the opponent back” to the more ludicrous “draws the outline of a duck… then goes in the goal?”

Bug Fixing

  • Fix for AI being disabled by player pressing confirm as match starts
  • Fix for team colours and UI colours becoming mismatched
  • Fix for game elements being out of position for a frame at start of match
  • Graphics options now stored in an external file (to allow easy editing if something goes wrong)