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Dev Diary: 26th November 2015

New Features

  • We made some changes to the character’s throw. The character now uses IK to face the direction of the throw and remains in the throw animation long enough to reduce immediate mobility after throwing (being able to throw and immediately dive was too effective).
  • We made improvements to our court system. It now generates a Navigation Mesh from the court setup. This is currently used to make sure lobs always land somewhere safe, but will be used for AI movement in the future. Score boosts now work when placed inside of goals and player starting positions can now be auto-generated using the court’s dimensions.
  • We have been working on improving how the disc bounces. It now has a limited range of motion, so it is always moving towards a goal. The disc now performs a raycast to locate where it will bounce, we’re using this to make the disc bounce perfectly instead of sliding along geometry.
  • Super Lob has a new animation and new timing.
  • We made our first set of courts! “Vanilla”- our standard court from the demo. “Wide on the Outside”- a wider court with score boosts on the edge of the goals. “Two Nets Two Walls”- two walls create more places for the disc to bounce. “Hockey”- the goals are moved away from the walls so the disc can bounce around them. “Funnel”- Long angled walls run along the side of the court to incline the disc towards a smaller goal.
  • New Character Jess model sheet has completed and work has begun on the 3D model.


  • We discussed how we could help players catch lobs, they tend to run too far when trying to get into the lob reticule. Locking the player’s movement seems too harsh- instead, we’ll try placing the player in the strafe state to slow them down.