Dev Diary: 2nd December 2015

New Features

  • We continued our gameplay pass this week. Lob and spike times have been lowered across the board, with super-charging now faster to match. Curves are now more subtle, with the aim to create large, looping throws without hitting the walls. We broke down our pushback mechanic into separate stats to allow characters to have different weights and pushback strengths.
  • Players can now hit multiple score boosts with a single throw to chain-increase the score on that shot. We’ve also been experimenting with different looks for the score boosts.
  • We’ve been working custom game rules to allow the player to change the nature of their matches. The back-end is complete for the players to change the number of rounds required to win (with the UI altering to match). Work on a time limit for each round is underway.
  • Progress continues on creation of the Jess character asset.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with new method of monitoring disc collisions. Disc will now correctly bounce accurately over the course of one frame, even if the disc is travelling exceptionally fast and bounces off of multiple surfaces in that one frame.
  • Fixed issue where players do not smoothly slide along the outside walls of the court.