Dev Diary: 16th December 2015

New Features

  • Games can now have a time limit. Each round has an overarching timer that counts down to zero. When it reaches zero, the round is given to the team with the most points. If both teams are drawn, a tiebreaker occurs. During a tiebreaker, the players play one more rally. Whoever wins that rally wins the round.
  • We added a court element model manager to change how our court looks to match the stadium the match takes place in.
  • We did some work on our between-round cutscenes. The main change is that the player can now hit start to skip them allowing players to jump straight back into the match. We also improved the end cutscene with some better camera shots, and skipping the end cutscene cleanly snaps to the final camera shot of the match with the menu displayed.
  • Camera now slams dramatically towards the goal when a player score. It slides back into place once the team’s health points start to decrease.
  • We’ve been creating a generic animation rig for use across all our characters. This will allow our animations to be more reusable and help prevent issues when importing them into Unity.
  • We began a high-res mesh for our Jess character. We used the white box model as a reference. Making sure that she had a natural-looking shape took some time. The face has enough detail to allow facial animation to run smoothly. We also looked into some colour combinations for Jess’ outfit.
  • We implemented a new model for our crowd. While it only currently has one variation, it looks rounder than the old model and fits our world better. It also uses the polygon count more efficiently, so we can fill up our seats using less people. Our intention is to vary their size, colour and seating position to make them appear more varied.
  • We made some changes to our gameplay. We were finding that it was very easy to curve the disc backwards to score an own goal, so curve throws now stop curving as they near the point of turning backwards. The serving player had a serious advantage in being able to throw the disc incredibly quickly on the first throw, so we’ve dampened the disc speed in the first two throws of a point to allow a decent rally to get started. We changed score boosts to only count on your opponent’s side (so you can’t walk up to one to get a boost to your score). We also changed the default poses that the characters use when winning or losing.


  • We received some recommendations that we should flesh out the story of the game before we advance any further in development. We discussed our core story, the nature of Gyrodisc and the world and creating strong narrative starting points for our characters. The world is already feeling more coherent and fleshed out- watch out for new announcements coming soon!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with the new raycast based disc collisions. Visual indicators added to help with issue identification. Artificially increased the disc speed to force issues to occur (including blasting the disc out of the stadium in a single frame). Issues included the disc bouncing against the same wall twice, collision point not being set due to the capsule intersecting the collision and the collisions not returning in order of occurrence.
  • Fixed bug where points alert text were not the correct colour.
  • Fixed bug where winning by time out would then progress to a tiebreaker.
  • Fixed bug where both team health bars would declare victory when winning by sudden death.
  • Fixed bug where pressing “start” on a pad to skip cutscenes was causing the game to pause. Players can now only pause during gameplay, or by pressing escape.
  • Fixed bug where jumbotron camera was rendering when it wasn’t being used
  • Fixed bug where the camera shake felt less intense when the camera was further away from the action.