Dev Diary: 20th January 2016

New Features

  • We implemented our new stadium model. The aim of this model was to reduce the amount of flat, grey textures that were being seen in the game. Of particular importance was the floor- since most of the game is spent looking downwards, having the floor be a flat, grey plane was affecting how the game looked. The floor is now made of red clay (used in tennis courts) which warms up how the game looks and gives the edge of the screen a rougher, more interesting look. We added barriers between the two halves of the crowd to prepare for having the audience supporting one team or the other. Finally, a large golden statue of a hand holding a Gyrodisc adorns the far end of the stadium.
  • We realised that our super throws were a bit unreliable (especially on the new court layouts) so we spent some time giving them new rules. We started by moving their variables into our Stats Manager to make editing them easier. All super moves now bounce into a lob if they manage to hit the back wall of the court. Super lobs no longer angle towards the goal and push the players back when it gets caught. John’s right angled super has been slowed down and changes direction more often. Jess’s spiral super now moves forward in a more circular motion and has a much calmer, controlled reaction to bouncing off of the walls.
  • When a curve throw bounces off a wall, it now skiffs off of the wall in the direction of rotation.
  • We removed our “Funnel” level and replaced it with a new court called “Chokepoint”. In this level, the score boost is boxed in between walls and nets in the centre of the court. This creates an interesting point of focus for the players, as they often have to choose between making a reliable shot into the opponent’s goal, or trying to make the skill shot to hit the difficult score boost target.
  • We gave running out of time a bit more prominence. On timing out, we play a claxon sound and hard cut the camera over to the jumbotron. The jumbotron displays the current time (of 0 seconds) as well as big red text box saying “Time!”.
  • We have added more functionality to our disc trails. The trail now turns red when the disc is charged by a score boost. Super throws now have unique trails to make them appear more important. We also decreased the length of the trail on normal throws so that it looks more impressive on fast throws and super throws.
  • We added a simple banding texture to our score boost arrows to help emphasis which direction they are pointing at and a cloudy blue texture to our bounce blocks to make them easier to see.
  • We improved our mouse functionality. We have our own custom cursor and worked on making sure our menus can be controlled using the mouse. We also added the functionality so that when the keyboard and control pads are being used, the mouse cursor disappears- but when the mouse is moved, it reappears again.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved frame rate. Achieved by alleviating garbage collection, avoiding certain UI functions that cause spikes, text optimisation, pooling objects, creating more assets during our loading screen and avoiding using “GetComponent”.
  • Players now move relative to the jumbotron camera when the jumbotron is full-screen.
  • Fixed issue where match settings may not be set correctly.
  • Fixed issue where sound effects did not play in victory counts of more than five rounds.
  • Fixed End of Match menu not able to be controlled.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong team would be credited with winning if the match ended by timeout.
  • Fixed issue where timing out in the serve state would stop the game progressing.
  • Fixed issue where round counter was not getting reset properly.
  • Fixed issue where text in scroll boxes that should be hidden could be seen.
  • Fixed issue where dragging scroll boxes with the mouse causes the text to flicker.
  • All active players can now navigate the level select screen.
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to back out from level select and character select.
  • Fixed issue where characters would not play the intro sequence after the match had been restarted.
  • Doubled the length of time of the window to perform a perfect return.
  • Fixed issue where players were not getting pushed back by fast throws.
  • Fixed issue where player would stay in the spike state too long if they missed a spike and then caught the disc.
  • Fixed issue where the player’s arm getting stuck in the catch position.
  • Fixed issue where players being able to hit themselves in the back of the head when throwing a super.
  • Fixed were restarting a doubles game caused the players to run on the spot and not return to starting positions.
  • Added floors to the goal models as it looked strange seeing the new clay texture underneath.
  • Fixed issue where AI players lobbing would reset the AI demo match.
  • Fixed issue where players could lob between the nets in court “Two Nets Two Walls”.
  • Decreased the saturation of the game due to new, brighter assets.