Dev Diary: 28th January 2016

New Features

  • Jess Gyrodski enters the league! The current Gyrodisc Super League champion and crowd favourite, Jess is an all round player who faces each match with utter confidence. Similar to her brother john, she has a balanced moveset with a slight tendency towards speed over power. Reflecting her relaxed attitude compared to the uptight and serious John, she has physics-enabled long hair and a belt sash that flow behind her as she plays. Her super causes the disc to spiral across the screen rapidly, bouncing wildly off the walls to keep her opponents on their toes.
  • Our audience is now coloured based on the teams that are competing in the current match. They also play different animations depending on the current result.
  • We made some minor changes to our new stadium model, including altering the colours of the seating area, retexturing the speakers and giant monitor, adding an ambient map and darkening the player entrance tunnels.
  • We started our next pass on our sound setup. We started composing some new tracks for parts of the game that need a change of tone (such as after the match has been completed). We’ve also been remixing some of the tracks we currently have. Codewise, we’ve been modifying our sound manager in preparation for randomised or variable sound sets, such as audience cheers and character voices.
  • We began work on improving our animation systems. We made a custom animation rig to be used across all of our characters to help us keep shared animations consistent. Jess is the first character to use this rig, so she has a few features that John doesn’t- the most important of which is facial animation. We also have been working on a idle animation for Jess, along with a more complex but satisfying catch and throw sequence to be used on all characters.
  • We had reports of the disc sometimes ending up in a position where it was bouncing back and forth between two walls with no way for the player to stop it. To help with this, we added a safety check so if the disc bounces in the same places for two long it gets a nudge in a random direction to get the game going again. We also overhauled our management of the celebration state to make it easier to add special effects and sounds when the player is celebrating winning a point, round or match.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where stadium was using wrong material.
  • Fixed issue where crowd could end up missing a texture.
  • Fixed issue where player could end up passing through the disc.
  • Fixed issue where pips on health bar do not make a noise when restoring.