Dev Diary: 3rd February 2016

New Features

  • We’ve started work on our next pass of our AI. This began by fixing an issue where our current AI decision making values were being accidentally multiplied, making it hard to compare numerically one AI difficulty to another. We moved the decision making values to use Unity Curves instead of hard numbers giving us a visual way to set how each difficulty level should ramp up. Once our new values were set, we began recording the AI to observe what makes it appear inhuman and planned out new reactions as a result. These new reactions involved not returning to the centre of the court perfectly, randomly wandering a bit when trying to guess where the player is going to throw the disc, panicking once the disc has passed them and taking more rounded routes to their desired location rather than a straight line.
  • Progress has continued on our new model for John. We’ve finished our high detail sculpt and have an early version of his in model. There was a bald-headed moment where he resembled Charles Bronson, but once his signature thick eyebrows and new, more modern haircut where added he returned back to our familiar John.
  • We spent a considerable amount of time on our animation playback, namely trying to improve how animations play across multiple characters. We discovered that Unity can interpret the animation a lot better if the animation is exported with a T-pose at the start, found out how to export an animation from one rig to another and added a hold feet animation controller to allow new animations to be evaluated more easily.
  • We added sound effect sets, allowing us to set weights of sound effects to create continuous sound that can ebb and flow from one state to the other. The first example of this is our audience, whose voices now rise up when players score or win rounds, and then slowly quieten back down as the match continues.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where pushing the stick when beginning charging under the lob reticule makes you pop out of strafe, often putting you out of position.