Dev Diary: 16th February 2016

New Features

  • John has a new model! Made to be more in-line with our Jess model, this version has more detail, an ambient and normal map and a new texture. He is able to have facial animation and sports a new, snappier, more modern haircut. His moustache, of course, remains as prominent as ever.
  • We finally implemented normal maps on our characters! So hair is now wavier, armour is now craggier and moustaches are now bushier!
  • We’ve been making our AI more fun to play against. AI now have a turning curve so they don’t automatically snap into moving in the correct direction. AI now successfully panic dashes when the disc ends up behind them, they sometimes run too far or not far enough when trying to reach certain locations and now celebrate or lament after matches are finished. All of these are set on sliders for each difficulty level allowing us to easily tweak how hard each difficulty is.
  • We have been working on a Control Setup screen that allows the players to define what input device they want to use for each player and what buttons to use for each in-game action. Players can choose between two different input styles (precision and arcade, with arcade style combining throw, dive and spike into a single button). If the device the player is using is known, then icons for the buttons are loaded to match. If the device is unknown, generic buttons are used instead. A red mark is shown if the player does not have an input device or if one action is not correctly defined.
  • To work with our new input method, we’ve improved our UI for the menus when starting a match so that they work with less buttons. Namely, this means that the team colour is no longer set on the Side Select screen but is an extra prompt after the player has chosen their character.
  • We’ve been working on our animation system some more, largely on making our custom rig work better with Unity’s import system, as well as re-rigging our character models and creating a new idle animation for Jess.            
  • Work has begun on illustrations for use in-game and marketing. This has so far resulted in portraits for the two characters to use in our character select and some planning being done on how best to fit the characters into the small space that each game gets on Steam.
  • We made a small change to our gameplay- the player now enters a spike state when spiking. If the disc hits them during this state, the disc is spiked into the air. This replaces our old system where the player had to press spike on the frame of catching the disc to get the same result.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where pressing Esc didn’t always move the player back through the menu system.
  • Fixed issue where player could end up in “Preparing for Serve” state when they should be in the celebrate state.
  • Fixed issue where the game would skip the time up screen when going into sudden death.
  • Fixed issue where disc could collide strangely with the corners of court objects.
  • Fixed issue where player would jump forward when cancelling a charge in the lob reticule.