Dev Diary: 22nd February 2016

New Features

  • John has a new default facial animation! We reckoned his old resting face was far too jovial, so he’s been updated to give the serious scowl we all know and love.
  • We’re close to finalising our illustrations to use for promotional materials during Early Access. We now have some dynamic poses for John and Jess throwing some Gyrodiscs!
  • We’ve been reworking our celebrations and lamentation animations that play when a character wins or loses. This is so they work a bit better with our new character models, but also to give each character a few unique animations so they can celebrate in different ways!
  • We have been working on our UI, namely the character select and side select screens. The character select now places the player icons in the corners of the character portraits to help players identify which character they are picking. Players now pick their character’s colour from a separate menu (as the old method of using two buttons on the side select screen was too obtuse). We also now display input device information beside the player icon to help the player recognise which player number they are.
  • We added corner collision to our court elements. This means that when the disc hits the corner of a block on the court it will now bounce at a sharper angle, making those near-misses even more interesting!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where disc was passing through solid walls.
  • Fixed bug where controllers were being assigned to the wrong player when loading.
  • Fixed issue where game would hang when a new controller was connected. Should now assign the controller to any player that does not already have a device.
  • Fixed issue where pressing cancel wouldn’t back out of some menus (due to player input not being updated).
  • Fixed control setup screen buttons by removing debug buttons and adding explicit movements for UI navigation.
  • Fixed issue where player could assign the same key twice
  • Fixed issue where spike and charging animations played incorrectly on new Jess and John models.
  • Fixed keyboard keys not appearing correctly in UI.
  • Fixed button icons of players who are not currently viable appearing in menus.