Gyrodisc Super League is now available on Steam Early Access

We are very excited to announce that the Early Access version of Gyrodisc Super League is now available for purchase on Steam!

Over the last 9 months developing Gyrodisc Super League, the feedback we’ve received from players at local events and from our community has been crucial in improving the game’s core gameplay. Entering Early Access gives us the opportunity to involve a wider community in this process, and we’re incredibly excited to find out what players think of the game and get their ideas on what they’d like to see in the finished game.
We strongly believe that working closely with the community and iterating on their feedback is the best way to make Gyrodisc the ultimate flying disc gaming experience!
The initial Early Access release includes two playable characters, five court variations in our first arena environment and a fully featured versus mode with up to four-player local multiplayer and AI opponents. It also features extensive controller support.