Dev Diary 31st July 2016

Hey Gyrodisc fans!

It’s been a while since we last posted one of these so it feels like it’s high time for an update on what’s been going on at team Valiant for the last few months. Whilst we can’t yet give details about everything that’s coming down the pipe, here are the big ticket items the team has been focusing on.

New Characters:

Our last dev diary marked the release of our third playable character Ivar, and since then we’ve been hard at work making progress on the next couple of Gyrodisc competitors. This week we unveiled our fourth playable athlete, Aria, in our latest Steam update.


With Aria we were looking to provide something a little different from the ‘power versus speed’ balance of the existing characters. As a result her playstyle focuses on technique, with the ability to curve her throws more heavily than the other contestants. Uniquely among the Gyrodisc characters her shots also retain some of their curve after bouncing off the arena walls, allowing for some interesting new tactical angles. She’s also pretty nimble, but her smaller size and less muscular physique means that she doesn’t throw as fast or as hard as her counterparts, and so relies more on skill and strategy than outright force.


In addition to her unparalleled disc control, she features a less risky dive than the other athletes (with some ability to steer near the end) and is a fair bit more nimble when charging supers, which should help to pull off opportunistic special moves.

Beyond Aria, we’re now well into the concept design and gameplay testing for our next character too, and we hope to be able to show off some of our work there in the coming few weeks.

New arenas:

Meanwhile our art team have been hard at work on concept, modelling and texturing for our second arena environment, the majestic Sky City Stadium!


Soaring many miles above the surface of the earth, Sky City is home to some of the wealthiest and most celebrated members of society the world over including a number of ex-Gyrodisc Super League champions. Held aloft by might Gyro-Tech engines, this migratory metropolis exists in a state of perpetual summer, chasing the fairer season endlessly around the globe for the comfort of it’s wealthy denizens.


But what’s even more impressive than a flying city? How about a flying stadium, over a flying city! That’s right, not content with the extravagance of floating an enormous settlement above the riff raff, the Sky City Gyrodisc Stadium orbits Sky City itself like a great eagle, a constant reminder to those below of the sport’s great wealth and prestige.

Development on the second stadium is coming along nicely, with (we hope) just a few technical hurdles to overcome before we release it into the wild. Look out for it in an update soon!

Mini games:

Even the most hard core competitor needs a break now and then, which is why we’re adding a selection of Gyrodisc themed mini-games to enjoy between matches. To this end, our programming team has created a platform that will allow us to easily build in new mini game mechanics, rather than being restricted to the structure of a Gyrodisc match. With this preparation now complete, we’ve started experimenting with what we hope will be our first mini-game release, a breakout inspired time trial mode. Keep an eye out for future updates with more specifics on this one.

And the rest:

Of course there’s been the usual rounds of bug fixing and smaller improvements to the game too numerous to list here, and in addition to all of that we’ve been working on a big new feature that isn’t currently in our development road map, which if all goes well we’re hoping to announce in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more info.

In the meantime if you’re already a Gyrodisc player you can check out our latest update now on Steam. Let us know what you think of the changes on our Steam community feedback and support forums.